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It is our will to provide you with great products that are human and Earth friendly. Does your lotion or creme have FRAGRANCE, PARABENS, METHYLPARABEN, or PARRAFIN?

FRAGARANCE- any of more than 3,000 chemicals that are allowed under the use of the word (also parfum, perfume). Use of these chemicals can and eventually cause hypersensitivity after the immune system has literally had enough of that crap!

PARABENS, METHYLPARABENS- these chemicals are hormone disruptors and carcinogenic (cause cancer). They make their way into the body via deodorants, hair sprays, soaps, lotions, personal lubricants and those Dr.'s and hospitals use, shampoos, etc..

PARRAFIN- a waxy waste product of petroleum industry, in short, it's bleached tar. We find paraffin in balms, medicated ointments, jams/jellies, preserved fruit, wax treatments, etc...Read how they make this!

Zeke's Story...

He's a playful, energetic Capricorn pup that loves walks in the park, playing fetch, and, of course, uhh, smelling stuff. He lives a great life! He loves being spoiled by his adopted mother Renee, a trained Medical Assistant in Coachella Valley area that loves spoiling him, a perfect match!​

At adoption, Zeke had a small wound on his paw that enlarged rather quickly. His mother was up for the task of cleaning and bandaging his wound every night till healed. There was no way to predict the amount of time needed for healing and the vet didn't seem to help much. Zeke battled bouts of depression during this long and painful process. At times he'd just lay all day without his two favorite things, playing and eating.​

Renee and Zeke had seen a full year go by with absolutely no healing. The longer a wound is open, the higher risk for infection. Renee, having this knowledge, contemplated a huge decision as a preventative measure in keeping infection away. The stress of knowing worst case scenario, plus, seeing him in pain had become unbearable. Just thinking of amputating his foot to prevent a possible disaster caused much grief. Feeling exhausted and confused about her ailing boy, she scheduled a consult with Parindra.

Parindra decided to extend his energy in helping Zeke and created a formula for his healing. The results were truly magical!


 This client experienced hair loss after years of chemical use on scalp and hair. She had a consult in which Parindra ruled out other possible causes i.e. stress, chemicals or medication and gave his thoughts on regrowing her hair. She then purchased the GROWTH FACTOR and followed instructions for it's usage. The results she shared came from using one bottle!


We were contacted by this gentleman that had a bacterial infection of the skin and hair follicles. This infection causes itchiness, hair loss, drains pus, bleeds, and Drs have no cure. He's "tried everything including antibiotics" which only gave some relief. Parindra being highly sensitive felt his pain and created a potion to beat the nasty bug. He calls this magic in a bottle BUG BEATER.


This gentleman came to us after sustaining a chemical burn that wouldn't heal after 5 grueling years of itchiness, pain, and blistering. His 6 week results were astounding! He shared his experience and regimen with us. GROWTH FACTOR hair growth spray was used in the morning, then he'd rub in our SCAR REMOVAL cream several times during the day to keep it moistened. After his evening shower, SCAR REMOVAL would be gently rubbed in 30 to 60 min, sometimes 2 hours before falling sleep. He loved the smell and feel of our SCAR REMOVAL cream and no longer wears caps to hide his healing wound. 


This beauty scheduled a consult after using a product that caused a breakout. For some reason her dermatologist told her it was hormonal acne. Parindra politely informed her of her Dr's incompetence. "Perhaps your Dr is hard of hearing? I believe I heard you say you used a product that made you breakout," said Parindra. She purchased the SCAR REMOVAL cream and most of the redness was gone by morning we were told. So glad we could help! Thanks for sending in your pics!


This is another client with chemical damage that her Dr called alopecia. They never explain why one loses their hair. only blame that individual for having bad DNA, often times admitting that they have the slightest idea. The dermatologist offered painful injections to the scalp that simply do not work. When instructions are followed, real results are attained. Look at those naturally curly locks coming back!


This is beautiful little Liliana (Lilly), her older brother calls her Willie. At the young age of 2, her hair was very short and growth was stubborn. Three months of using GROWTH FACTOR changed that problem. Congrats Lilly!


We've received these photos from a client who used our pain relief cream for the burning experienced. We'll share more of her story once she shares...


After a bad rollover accident, I was having strong low back pain that even pain medicine couldn't touch, so I had a consult with Parindra. He recommended his all natural pain reliever, which took the pain away instantly. My wife who battles extremely painful rheumatoid arthritis tried the pain reliever and is in love as well. Thanks so much Parindra!- B.Smith, Coachella Valley.

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